Friday, April 24, 2009

Post-op appt

This warm sunny morning, I drove down to West Chester for my post-op appointment. By now, the left shoulder pain is pretty well just flares up at night for a couple of hours. My port site is still sore, even more so today when I tried to get up at 3 am and pee and the cat was between my legs in bed. Trying to maneuver around so I don't disturb the cat (really), I felt like I pulled every stitch near my port. And then the cat gets up anway. Really, what did I expect?

I have lost 14 lbs so far and the nurse seemed very pleased. My incisions were very well healed and everything looked good. She cautioned me not to be concerned if I gain a couple of lbs. before my first fill since there is no restriction at this point. She also wants me to eat until I feel full after I get on solid foods so she can guage how much saline to put in my band. I told her I have only been eating 4 - 6 oz of food at a time every 3-4 hours purposely to keep from getting hungry. I'm going to try like hell not to gain weight during this next 2 weeks. I've gained and lost the same 20-30 lbs so many times I'm tired of seeing the same numbers over and over again!

The drive back was great! First really warm day of the year so I could have the top down on the convertible and the wind in my hair and listen to some Kenny Chesney and I was happy as a clam! Until I had to be back at work at noon. So much for enjoying a nice sunny afternoon. These days, hardly any phone calls, all production personnel are gone by 11 am and there was only about 4 of us in the office the afternoon went very slow.

I've spent some time reading different forums recently and I have to say that in some ways it's really great to know there are people that live close by that are in the same boat you're in, but then again, there are a few people that post that you just want to blast. No real reason they're posting, all negative comments, ragging on physicians they have never met, criticizing people because their opinions and decisions differ from their own, and generally being a downer. Get a life and go away!

Looking forward to the weekend. It's supposed to be great weather, in the low 80's and sunny thru Monday! Tonight the plan is to relax around home and tidy up a bit, tomorrow the hubby and I are going to hang out and piss the day away...take the convertible, do some light shopping, have lunch at a little cafe' and try to get to where we decide to go without taking interstate or reading a map or using the GPS. Love those days. We have no particular plans for the whatever it brings should be good!

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