Friday, June 26, 2009

Are your feeling Hot, Hot, Hot???

Wow...I took the convertible and drove to visit my folks last night for a bit and at 6:50 pm it was 94 degrees with no sun. Aghhhh! Mind you, I don't much care for hot/humid weather. When you're going 55 in the convertible, it's not too fact it has to be about 77 degrees outside before you can even say your comfortable with the top down. But 94 is 94 and it's HOT! Nothing like getting up and your "behind" is soaked.

Mom & Dad were pooped from spending the day at Bear Creek Farms and watching a (taste of) Branson show. Hubby lost his "cheaters" (reading glasses) in their chair last week and I wanted to pick them up and of course also see the folks.

My sister e-mailed me and said she is still getting used to her new haircut she got Wednesday. I didn't tell her I got mine whacked off too. Everybody seems to have an opinion on it. My mother, well let's just say she didn't like it longer because I'm too "old" for long hair, and now that I got it cut, "oh, it's so short". I can't win. My hair was layered down to my shoulders as I've been trying to grow it out for over a year with little success. My thin, fine, stringy hair and hot/humid weather don't mix and no amount of volumizing shampoo/rootlift/hairspray makes a difference so "off" it went. I'll admit it's pretty short, but so-o-o much better!

I was reading on about a post that posed the question "lap band vs. sleeve" with the poster wanted member's opinions on the 2 WLS surgeries. Wow did it get ugly! For all the support you can get and questions answered on the forum, the responses to that post show just how petty, mean and confrontational members can be and one of the main pitfalls of the forum. I mean, I go there for support, knowledge, to see what issues members may be having with the lap band and offer the support I can pass on to someone else. It seems like you have to be very careful how you word something lest you offend someone and/or they misunderstand you. There are a couple of "posters" that seem to have their "hairs up" about something all the time and I would just like it if they went to another forum. Most of them have had trouble with their bands and converted to bypass or sleeve and spout about all the problems the band creates. In my opinion, it is their experience and not the "norm". To antagonize people for a difference of opinion or misunderstanding is just plain rude and unnecessary. You can clarify by being respectful, you don't have to incite.

Sorry for the rant. That kind of behavior just pisses me off.

Saturday I get my fourth fill and my sister-in-law is going with me. We plan to make a day of shopping down in the area since we both like Dillards and Jungle Jim's. I was feeling okay about getting another fill until about 5-6 days ago when my band seemed to tighten up. I'm not able to eat as much and really have to eat slow the first solid food I eat of the day to "prime" my stomach for food. Last night, I woke up and tried to shift in my sleep and I had some water come back up in my mouth. It was weird to say the least, especially since I didn't have anything to drink for an hour before bed. I'm going to talk with the nurse tomorrow and go over a few things about being tighter in the morning and also the last few days and see what she thinks. If I get a fill, it won't be much I guarantee. She'll probably leave it up to me. One of the "posters" said something this week about that they were tight too with the hot/humid weather. Odd. I didn't think weather would make any difference, but apparently for some people it does. Some say the barometric pressure causes changes to the tightness of their band, or the time of the month, or stress, illness, etc. This is the first I've experienced it. I guess I'll see what she says. I just don't want to have problems, and I've been losing great the last week. We'll see...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The turtle and the scale...

At 44 years of age, I feel like I know my body pretty well. I know when something feels a little off, and when I'm not running on all 6 cylinders. I can be cruising on the scale and seemingly everyday it's going down 1/2 lb or so. And then the dreaded PMS begins...profound fatigue, migraines, weight gain, and well, the grumps. Seems to happen right when you need reassurance that what you're doing is working. It usually takes me about 5-7 days before I begin to feel back to normal and the scale starts agreeing with me again. I feel like I live and die by that thing but I can't stand to only jump on the scale once a week. The migraines...well that's another story. One that I would have hoped would be a thing of the past, but they still come. Luckily, my physician wrote an Rx a couple of years ago for Relpax and that has been my lifesaver. Since the surgery, I haven't dared to take any kind of pain reliever other than liquid ibuprofen, but the Relpax is like heaven in a pill. Just magic. Amazing how something that used to consume my life is now no more than a nuisance at best.

I've been trying to eat better and am succeeding pretty much during the week. Even my husband is liking some of the things I'm putting together. He wiped me out of the little quiches I froze for breakfast or a quick lunch, and I think he's been dipping into my homemade trail mix (he'd never admit to eating Kashi out loud). I've been trying to politely point out some of the "not so good" foods that I need to try and limit. Like the ham steaks...way too much sodium. The trail mix he bought from Walmart for vacation...not so good, about 906 calories for a 6 ounce bag. But, since he usually makes dinner so I don't like to pick too much. Just make him more aware.

I've been kind of on a kick with the trail mix though. I find myself eating it every day! My own version is about 1 part dry-roasted peanuts, 1 part chocolate chips, and 3 or 4 parts Kashi Go-Lean cereal. The Kashi is only about 140 calories a cup with 13 grams of protein and 40% of the recommended daily fiber, peanuts are another protein and well the chips....not so much, but hey, we all need a little sweetness! Heck of alot healthier than what you can buy and amazingly good. Or my taste buds are just changing I don't know. I'm liking the WASA crackers too that the weight loss centers' nurse told me about. With cream cheese, it's a nice snack.

This weekend my nephew and his wife are driving down from Madison to stay at my folks house for the weekend. We are all going to a benefit for a cousin on my Dad's side of the family on Saturday that is suffering from Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. He's my age and it doesn't sound real promising for him. The Gleevec treatment did not work for him and as far as a bone marrow transplant, well, there is only 1 sister that isn't a match and he doesn't have any kids, so a "bank" is the only place he's going to get lucky. Although the chances of success diminish with a non-relative. He is continuing to work since he needs his health coverage, but the medication and treatments are incredibly expensive and he has alot of out of pocket costs. He's lucky to have his parents and an uncle and aunt that live close by to him since he lives in the "sticks" in Mississippi.

Sunday, we plan to go out for Father's Day and then try and swing over the Celina and see my husband's folks too. Hubby is lining up a trip to Canada with his brother and some friends in August and went to get his passport last weekend. So friday night they want to get together and talk about that. He just found out they will have a makeshift shower and an outhouse at the cabin their staying. He's not thrilled at that prospect, but hey it's only 4 days. When my friends and I went on an overnight pack trip one night in Montana, we had to use the "bathroom" by digging a hole and putting an old canvas "fishing" chair with a hole cut in the middle and that was your seat to go do your job. Try doing that at 3 am when it's about 45 degrees out and no lights in the mountains. You don't dilly dally.

Tonight I'll have to catch up on the quiche making to stock up for the next couple of weeks and clean the house in case the family ends up at our house during the weekend. Our cat will wonder what got into me.

Friday, June 12, 2009


Lately, work has been a drudge. Very quiet...especially on fridays. Our production employees leave work around 10:30 am. The rest of the day, it's just the office staff and a few supervisors out in the shop we never see. Last week, I was the only one left after 3:30pm. Out of seven people, you would think someone else would stay, but no...too nice outside, personal lives get in the way of business. And as the saying goes, when the boss is away...

Since our President was on vacation for a few days last week, it is always interesting to see who finds a reason to leave. All of a sudden, people have to pick up their kids, mystery doctor's appointments, birthdays, fart in sideways, etc. Mmmmm. The only good thing about our President leaving for a few days is that he rarely does. But when he's gone, it is really, really quiet. You see, our head cheese is quite the character, very gregarious and well....loud. Doesn't like to use the intercom, shouting works just as well and is quicker. Gotta love him, but you sure know when he's gone.

Last weekend was kind of a "family" weekend so to speak. My sister in law had a party for her husband's 60th birthday party Saturday night. Beautiful night and the whole family made it along with many of our friends so it was a great time. Sunday, my brother and sister-in-law had us over for lunch since 2 of their kids were home for the weekend. Their oldest is 28, married and living in Grove City, the middle child is 26 and living in Troy and getting married next year. Don't get to see them as often anymore so it was a nice visit to catch up. Their youngest is going to OSU and had finals this week so he didn't come home. Since I don't have any kids, my brothers' kids were as close to my children as I was going to get. They grew up just a block away from my parents and a couple of blocks away from me. Seriously, the town isn't that big.

Tonight we're going to one of my favorite places...Buckhorn Tavern. My hubby and 3 of his sisters, brother-in-law and some friends. I've been looking forward to it. It's really the first "test" I've had since getting my third fill last weekend. I don't feel like I'm at my "sweet spot" yet, but getting close. I don't want to get too tight since it seems tighter in the morning already. I've been really watching what I eat this week and the results have been good. Down 4 lbs. since Saturday...after watching the scale not move basically for a week. I took a Labor Day weight loss challenge thru a forum that I am on and said I would lose 28 lbs by Labor Day. What?! 4 down, 24 to go. It will keep me motivated, even though I don't know the other fellow "bandsters" from Adam.

When I went to Cincinnati Weight Loss Center last Saturday, they were having a seminar for potential new patients. It was the first time I've seen the physician since surgery. There were about 7-8 people there and the doc was answering all their questions. I so wanted to chime in and give my 2 cents, but kept my mouth shut until someone asked about wearing an underwire bra after surgery because of the port location. She said her friend could no longer wear them after surgery, and I just nodded "yes you can". But I learned a few things listening to them and was glad I was there when other people were interested in having it done. Honestly, it's the best thing I ever done, worth every penny. I know if I wouldn't of had it done, I would weigh at least 40-50 lbs more than I do right now and be miserable and still stuggling with the Atkins diet. I haven't had any problems or complications...haven't had any "episodes" of eating too fast or taking too big of bites. I'm very happy.

I actually bought some workout CD's (like I haven't done that before) off of QVC that looked fun. Kind of hip hop...yo. Even though I don't much care for the music, I'll give this a try. It looked fun to do if I don't have 2 left feet. No George Straight on those CD's I'll bet.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Need to quit eating...

Looking forward to the weekend. Getting another fill on Saturday, which should help. I actually gained 4 lbs since last week! Graduation parties, hubby's birthday with friends, dinners out, and pizza are killing me. I don't even feel good right now, kind of like when you eat too much stuff around the holidays that you don't normally eat kind of feeling. My thyroid has been out a whack for a 6 months and the increase in Synthroid hasn't seemed to help. Hopefully, the doc can shed some light on what is going on.

Last weekend, hubby and I went out with 3 other couples for his birthday. Of all the places he could have picked, he really wanted a Bondo burger at It's It and to end up at Windy Corners for the beer selection. Really! You're kidding me! But it was fun as always when we're with our friends and had a good time. It seems so rare that we are all able to get together anymore. Usually there is at last 1 couple that can't make it when we plan something. So the evening was fun and hubby enjoyed being with his long-time friends.

We tend to hang around friends that were "his" prior to our marriage more than anyone. My hubby, always the one who is the life of the party and is the person people seem to migrate to, is someone that hangs around with friends he's had since he was in elementary school. The ones who kid him about trying to run away when he was little and standing on the corner of the block with his duffel because he wasn't allowed to cross the street. The ones that kid him about ending up in jail for a couple of days with buddies for taking things from the locker room in high school, and then for breakfast drinking their milk before they got their cereal delivered to their cell. The ones that laugh at his stupid jokes and would give you the shirt off their back and everything they own if you needed it. I inherited some really great friends.

This weekend is supposed to be positively wonderful weather and I'm really looking forward to it. Sounds like convertible weather at last. Hubby will say it's more like mulching weather. Yuck! He tells me how much he hates doing it, yet won't let me get someone to do it for us. So I suppose that will be on the agenda too this weekend. Oh well, sweat a little a get a tan. Saturday is our brother-in-law's 60th birthday party at their house. Should be fun...our friends will be there since they are really considered more like extended family than friends so that makes it better. Family functions are what they are...but at least I married into a family that all has an incredible sense of humor and enjoy each other's company. I couldn't ask for better.