Thursday, June 4, 2009

Need to quit eating...

Looking forward to the weekend. Getting another fill on Saturday, which should help. I actually gained 4 lbs since last week! Graduation parties, hubby's birthday with friends, dinners out, and pizza are killing me. I don't even feel good right now, kind of like when you eat too much stuff around the holidays that you don't normally eat kind of feeling. My thyroid has been out a whack for a 6 months and the increase in Synthroid hasn't seemed to help. Hopefully, the doc can shed some light on what is going on.

Last weekend, hubby and I went out with 3 other couples for his birthday. Of all the places he could have picked, he really wanted a Bondo burger at It's It and to end up at Windy Corners for the beer selection. Really! You're kidding me! But it was fun as always when we're with our friends and had a good time. It seems so rare that we are all able to get together anymore. Usually there is at last 1 couple that can't make it when we plan something. So the evening was fun and hubby enjoyed being with his long-time friends.

We tend to hang around friends that were "his" prior to our marriage more than anyone. My hubby, always the one who is the life of the party and is the person people seem to migrate to, is someone that hangs around with friends he's had since he was in elementary school. The ones who kid him about trying to run away when he was little and standing on the corner of the block with his duffel because he wasn't allowed to cross the street. The ones that kid him about ending up in jail for a couple of days with buddies for taking things from the locker room in high school, and then for breakfast drinking their milk before they got their cereal delivered to their cell. The ones that laugh at his stupid jokes and would give you the shirt off their back and everything they own if you needed it. I inherited some really great friends.

This weekend is supposed to be positively wonderful weather and I'm really looking forward to it. Sounds like convertible weather at last. Hubby will say it's more like mulching weather. Yuck! He tells me how much he hates doing it, yet won't let me get someone to do it for us. So I suppose that will be on the agenda too this weekend. Oh well, sweat a little a get a tan. Saturday is our brother-in-law's 60th birthday party at their house. Should be fun...our friends will be there since they are really considered more like extended family than friends so that makes it better. Family functions are what they are...but at least I married into a family that all has an incredible sense of humor and enjoy each other's company. I couldn't ask for better.

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