Monday, May 31, 2010

Yee Haw!

Hubby and I got back from a long weekend in Nashville last night with family/friends. What fun! We stayed a few blocks from the 2nd & Broadway entertainment district so we didn't have to do alot of driving once we arrived. The flood waters have all receeded and most of the bars and shops on 2nd have opened back up. They have all done an amazing job at getting the city back on it's feet. It's really a tribute to the people of the city, and the "powers that be" that have lead the way in reviving the area so quickly. Once in awhile you would get a whiff of the musties here and there around Broadway due to the flood, but really almost everything seemed pretty well back to normal.

There were alot of homeless wandering around which was sad. Tent city was flooded down by the river and many have relocated to different areas during the day. Even though there were many, they were all pretty friendly and liked to talk. It was sad to see so many with so little.

We spent a good deal of time in the entertainment district, then at a brewery up around Vanderbilt University, the Belle Meade area, and lunch at the Loveless Cafe for their wonderful biscuits and preserves. The peach is to die for! Had to bring a jar home even though I don't normally eat much in the way of jam/preserves but damn was that good!

Saturday night we took in the Opry show at the Ryman which was great and felt like a treat since normally the shows aren't performed there, but due to the flooding of Opryland, they have been relocated to the Ryman on the weekends. We met a few of the band members from Exile in the alley along with the Whites. A tradition in Nashville to meet/greet performers on the show. All in all a great time.

I was a bit concerned with the way my band would act with the traveling. It seemed a little tight the night we arrived. Everyday was a bit uncomfortable to eat since we went with people who are fast eaters, and as you bandsters know, that doesn't bode well with the band. I did okay until the way back. We stopped in Louisville for a sandwich (problem #1), while traveling (problem #2) with T.O.M. (problem #3). I ordered a meatball sandwich (problem #4) and tried to eat what I could while we were sitting there. Well, I proceeded to slime a little afterwards, and then threw up in the car 3-4 times before we got to a rest area. And the bag burst, so I ended up wearing it. Ugh! I was so embarrased since my SIL was with us in the car. So after a new pair of pants and a little cleaning up, I was okay after that. Not fun. And totally my fault for ignoring what I already knew would be a difficult day.

Today we spent some time with my folks who came over every day and fed our Stueycat and watered the flowers. Spent some time reflecting on what Memorial Day is really about and glad to be home, safe and sound.

To those in the military, who had ever been in the military and for those who have given their lives for our liberties.....THANK YOU for your service and your sacrifice. You are the reason I get to do what I do, say what I want to say, and live the way I live. I am in awe of your dedication and sense of duty.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I've been a little remiss in my postings lately. Guess the stalled weight feels like everything else is in limbo too. Feels like I'm still trying to catch up from the weekend. We had a couple of friends over Friday night and went to Cassano's (the most wonderful pizza). Saturday we were up and at 'em working around the house, then it was off to a bridal shower for my godchild in the afternoon. No sooner than I get home, we are off to Celina to visit my hubby's folks and a friend that had knee surgery last Monday. Off to dinner and then home late. Sunday it was the Dayton Dragons game with another couple and dinner and home just in time for the sun to set. Felt like my weekend was a blur with not much at home accomplished.

On the band front, I have to admit that my food choices haven't been the best lately. Entirely too much eating out and grazing in the evening. I like to think my food choices are better but the fact is I shouldn't be eating it at all. Hubby and I drove down to West Chester last week and ended up at a Gap outlet to try on some jeans. I have this pair from 6-7 years ago that fit like a glove...curvy fit, a little ratty, but just loved the feel of the fit on my body. Well, they are getting a little too baggy to look good anymore so I wanted to try and find a pair that fit just as nice.

So, the outlet doesn't have exactly the best selection, but I tried on the 3 different "fits" that I thought would work and they ALL fit. Can't say any of them fit as wonderfully as my old pair, but they fit well enough to buy. And to boot, like $13.99 a pair! Get out! Felt like a major score.

I've pretty much overhauled my whole closet with new clothes and a few oldies but goodies from a few years back. The largest size I have kept is a 12, so there is absolutely NO going back at this point. I'm somewhere between a 10 and a 12, so I think maybe 5 more lbs ought to do it.

For the first time in what seems like ages, I feel pretty good about wearing sleeveless tops. Yes when you hold your arms a certain way you can really see the excess skin, but most of the time they look pretty good. The strength machines really do help with the toning...and the protein. I just need to get my mind back in the game to get the last few lbs off. Time to actually hit the goal and not just get close.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I don't get it...I still feel fat

I've been messing with the same 2 lbs for several weeks now. I'm comfortably in a size 12 and even get a size 10 jean on that is tighter than I personally would wear, but seem to see many an ass plastered in tighter ones. I can feel my collar bones, ribs, hip bones and my spine very easily. When I hold a pair of pants up, they don't look very large to me and yet when I get dressed in the morning, I still seem to see the same middle-aged woman 40 lbs ago. WTH!

When I was much heavier, I always thought I looked way better and thinner than I was until I was bitchslapped into reality by an errant picture here and there. Now it seems like my mind is playing a not so nice game with me that I don't want to play.

I'm taking some time off work next week for me time. Time to get out and do some physical work around the house, spend some time in the sun, catch up on my exercise at the Y, and work on cleaning out all the clutter in my house. Mostly though it's the mental break I'm looking forward to. Need a break from the weekly routine to recharge the batteries and refocus my energies. I'm really hoping for some great weather.