Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting rid of the last of it...

Kind of scary, but I used to wear the hell out of this at my heaviest and it was even a bit snug in the midsection. My fingers are at the shoulder seems. It's hard to imagine that's how wide I was. It's also very unsettling because I never felt like I was that big when I was until I saw myself in pictures. And there's not many of those around. Don't pay attention to the exercise pants I have on...the cut of these are so unflattering to the thighs, but very warm and I just wear them around the house. That's one area I have to work on.
Anyway, I won't bore you with work busy and it's Friday so I want to forget for a bit. Hubby had hernia surgery last week after having mini-me pop out the week before. So he's home for a few weeks until he can get back to lifting, so no work.
My weight has been staying about the same...up 3 lbs, down 3 lbs. It would be kind of nice to hit 145 just to see the number, but as long as I don't gain any more, I'm still thrilled. I've given away EVERY PIECE of fat clothing I have...including above in the Special Olympics bin last night. So, that was the last of it unless I unearth something in a well-hidden box. No going back...ever.
I spoke with the guy who works next door that got the band a few months before me and we were comparing notes. I keep thinking I could use a touch of fill since I can eat anything without problem and seem to be treading water. But I like the fact that I CAN have anything and maintain with no issues. So many of the banded people I know around here have troubles that I don't want to live with. I don't want to have that uncomfortable feeling I used to get when eating something that didn't really agree with me well. But that being said, I can eat a whole hamburger sandwich and a piece of pie. (I was stuffed, but still). I'm debating since the last time I was there was March and had a .1 unfill which made a world of difference to me. I'm afraid if they put that back in, I'll be back where I was before with the reflux and everything being uncomfortable to eat. So, I waffling a bit. With the holidays coming up, maybe I could use the extra help, but then again it could all go like it has the past 3 months.
Maybe after the next week or two I'll have a better idea if it's something I should do. Hope you are all doing well at this point. I'm amazed at the progress I see on your blogs.
And Draz - girl I'm always concerned about you. I won't even begin to say I understand depression but I really feel for you. Keep farting your gumdrops girlfriend. We love you!