Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Easy weekend...

Easy enough anyway. Friday night hubby and I went to the German Heritage Festival for a bite and listen to some of the music. Didn't stay real long since the weather was cold and damp. Had a nice hearty potato soup that was amazingly good due to the weather. I also got an apple dumpling and couldn't even touch it since I was full of soup. Afterwards, we went to my parent's house and played cards. Mom ate most of the dumpling, I had maybe 3 bites and was done. Better off anyway.

Hubby roped me into going to his brother's house in St. Mary's to watch the Buckeye game Saturday. They were having a "block" party and had their big TV outside on the patio. Pretty much pissed the whole day away from what I was intending to do. So on Sunday, I did about 6 loads of laundry and baked most of the day. I had found a turtle cheesecake recipe in the Taste of Home magazine that I was dying to make and try out as a dessert for Thanksgiving. I also wanted to make a pumpkin swirl cheesecake and perfect it from the last time I made it a couple of weeks ago. Oh, and ice cream, I have to admit I made some ice cream.

Well, both cheesecakes were to die for. I tried the pumpkin swirl that evening and it was great. The turtle cheesecake I had a small serving yesterday and brought both to work. Got rave reviews and a couple of recipe requests. Amazingly, even though I have all this stuff in my house, after I sampled both I'm not really interested in having any more. Before the band, all bets were off and I would have polished at least 1/2 of one of those cheesecakes off already. My desire for snacks and treats have definitely waned. Not at first, but after a few months I've really lost alot of the urges to eat any crappy foods. Not that I'm a master of healthy choices, just that it's more important to me to eat right at least 80% of the time. I actually had 1 tablespoon of ice cream last night and that was enough. The last batch I had to throw out because I didn't eat it within a couple of weeks and hubby isn't much of the sweet eater. Wow, this band has kicked my butt. In a good way. I can resist things I never would have resisted before the band and it doesn't seem to matter if they are in the house...the exception being Lay's Potato Chips and dip. My sister-in-law asked my husband what he was going to get me for our anniversary and then she said that all he had to do was smother himself with chip dip and roll around in some Lay's potato chips and I'd be happy. (She was pretty close to being right about that!). Luckily, he decided to give me flowers.

Last night I went through my closet again and ended up with 3 garbage bags worth of mostly dress clothes and about 15 dresses and suits. I just got rid of a bunch of clothes a month or so ago to the local Catholic "goodwill" store (FISH). Looks like they will be getting a bunch more pretty soon. It's a great feeling to be able to get rid of some of this stuff and say 'never again'. I tried a suit on I wore for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary 4 years ago and it was bigger than when I wore it to their party. Hubby said to keep it, but I said I don't plan to be in this size next spring and put it on the donation rack. I'm going to want some smokin' hot stuff next spring honey!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Anniversary...4 years or as my husband says "feels like 8"

Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary. Dozen roses from the hubby...YES! I love flowers. It was a pretty mellow anniversary. Neither of us felt like going out since we went out to dinner with his family the night before for his parents 57th anniversary. So we got a pizza from the local restaurant and watched TV since the weather was crappy.

A few days ago, our beloved Gracie Girl came back to visit. Back in July, we took her and her kittens to a farm a little over 3 miles from our home. We thought she would have a better life there than in town outside around the school traffic and the elements. Her kittens were around 10 weeks when we brought her and her kittens out there. It was tough because we really took a liking to Gracie. But we have Stuey and he is king of the castle and likes it that way. Hubby and I were taking a walk down by the new school track and we saw a gray tiger running away. I told hubby that it looked like Gracie Girl and yelled her name. Well, she stopped and turned around. I yelled her name again and she began walking toward me and meowing. We both dropped our jaws that it was her. Not sure why she came back because I know she was getting fed at the farm and she had a great barn and hayloft to hang out in with no other animals at the place. But, she is now back and hanging out in the cornfield next to our house. We think she's pregnant again. She eats more than Stuey ever did and he is twice the size of her. Not sure what we are going to do with her, but it's nice to know she liked us enough to come back.

Amazingly, the pizza we had last night did not show up on the scale. This morning I actually weighed 1 1/2 lbs less than yesterday. It was a nice surprise. This weekend we are planning on going to a local Germanfest. Hubby will get to try his different beers and eat German food. I think his brother and his wife are coming up tonight for the food. His wife is originally from Germany and loves any type of German heritage festivals around the area. Since most of this area is drenched in 'krauts, myself included, she has no problem finding places to go.

The OSU Buckeye game is on at 3:30 Saturday, so I don't know if we'll watch is somewhere or watch it at the Germanfest with the crowd. Hubby MUST watch his beloved Buckeyes, believe me, I heard about it when our wedding was actually the same day as a Buckeye game. Luckily, it wasn't the Michigan game or anything, he probably wouldn't have showed up:)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Being stuck isn't much fun...

I didn't realize I haven't posted in quite some time. A alot has been going on of late, with our local festival over and trying to finish up the bookkeeping for that. The weight loss center where I had my procedure done is trying to establish a support group for us "up north". When I showed up it was just myself and another girl, but boy did we have alot to talk about. She has been banded for about 15 months and has lost almost 140 lbs. We talked for almost 2 hours and it really felt good to find a "comrade" in this journey so close to home. I came away with a renewed sense of commitment to this banded life and look forward to getting together again as I feel this will just give me an added monthly boost to focus on doing the right things.

Hubby and I went down to my brother and sister-in-laws camper in Brookville, IN recently for a day. My brother-in-law from Wisconsin came down to spend a few days and relaxed at the camper for most of the time. He was also in town to see how the in-laws are doing for my sister's benefit. It sounds like they may come down for Thanksgiving this year which will be really nice. It's so rare when we are able to spend holidays together anymore.

I attended the state human resource conference last week to try and keep up my certification credits for recertification next year. Lots of sessions, information overload and tired butt are pretty much the norm. The event was held in Sandusky for 3 days and on day 2 I ended up getting sick on some food at the conference. Barely made it to the bathroom. I had been tight for a few days, but never had problems getting down food until Thursday. I proceeded to throw up plegm for the next 2 hours back at the hotel room and was concerned...because at that point there was no way I was even going to try getting liquids down. I ended up calling the doctor's office and the doc called me back about 1/2 hour later. I asked him how long I should let this go before I should be concerned, and he said I could come in that night for an unfill. After I told him I was in no position to drive and that I was about 4 1/2 to 5 hours away, I let him know that if things didn't improve by the morning I would drive down somehow and get an unfill. Luckily, I only threw up about 2 more times after I spoke with him and began to feel better little by little. When I thought the worst of it was over, I trekked over to Walmart and got a 4-pack of protein shakes for the next day. I was able to sip water the rest of the night with no problem and Friday was able to drink the protein shakes and a few crackers. My first and only stuck episode...I think I'll start really listening to my body next time. That was horrible...

I took it pretty easy this weekend eating soft foods to let my stomach calm down and I still feel restriction, but don't think the band has moved so that's good. My hometown has a fall festival and I went with my parents while hubby watched the Buckeye game with some friends. We went out to dinner later that evening and were in bed by 10pm. Wow - are we getting old or what?

I was pretty bummed yesterday when I found out over the weekend that my beloved Little Nashville Opry in Nashville IN burnt to the ground this past weekend. I have been there over 2 dozen times over the years seeing different country music entertainers and have some really good memories or girl weekends, weekends with my husband, and meeting the "stars". Gosh, I remember seeing the likes of Toby Keith, Statler Brothers, Randy Travis, Steve Wariner, T. Graham Brown, Glen Campbell, Diamond Rio, Billy Dean, Suzy Bogguss, John Berry, Sawyer Brown, Gary Morris, Lee Greenwood, Charlie Daniel's Band, Eddy Raven, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Hal Ketchum, and a few more that escape me right now. It was always my favorite place to go to see a show because you could get a good seat if you got tickets the day they went on sale. It is also a great weekend getaway to do a little sightseeing at Brown County State Park and go into town and see all the local artists' work. We are going down there in a few weeks and staying so I'll have to check out the ruins and see what I can find out about if the owners are going to rebuild. So sad...