Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Best thing about a long weekend? Short work week!

Ahhh...Memorial Day Weekend....3 consecutive days to relax, okay maybe just a day, but hey I'll take what I can get. Friday, my hubby and his brother worked at their parents house, putting in the A/C, trimming shrubs, being the good sons they are. I cleaned the main rooms of the house and fed the stray pregnant cat that lives at school who comes to our house every day. Well, now she lives in the weeds in the unsown field behind our house so she can be close to the food and water source no doubt. She's warmed up to us quite nicely. Such a lover she is. Looks just like our cat...a grey tiger, but a tad lighter and definitely rounder. Hubby likes to name to strays that come around. Hers is Gracie and the yellow/white mix is Clayboy. Clayboy keeps an eye out on Gracie when she comes over. He's very protective of her. Man have I turned into a cat person or what! Our cat, Stuey, is an indoor/outdoor cat, who has taken it upon himself to hide in the weeds too now that they are over a foot high. He chased Gracie back into the field the other night after eating. I felt sorry for her...geez, just finished eating, has by the looks of it several kittens in her belly, and having to run away from the 15 lb beast chasing her. If she only knew all she had to do was turned around and hiss at him and he'd run like the wind, she would have it made.

Saturday was my second "fill" as they say in lap band speak. The nurse put in 1 cc this time around, so apparently I'm up to 3 cc's if the doc didn't put any in during surgery. I'll have to find out from the nurse next time how much she shows in my band - then I'll know if he put some in during surgery. Scheduled another fill for 2 weeks to see if all goes well. Since it's been 3 days since the fill, I can say that I'm not able to eat as much, but as far as how long I don't get hungry - that's up in the air yet. The nurse said I lost 8 lbs in the 2 weeks since I'd seen her. I was kind of surprised because all the grad parties and going out for dinner we did the last 2 weeks. And the fact that it felt like I could way more than I should be able to. She asked for an example and I said, how about 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 1 bite of hash browns, 6 bites of french toast, and about 2-3 oz. of fresh fruit. She understood. I also told her that I lost 4 lbs in the 2 days after I last saw her and that my body can retain water pretty easily. My hubby's buddy and I always comment that we could go out for beer and pizza and weigh 6 lbs more the next day.

After the fill, I could swallow water fine, it gurgled a bit and the nurse said it sounded like a good fill. I stayed on liquids the rest of the day, soup from Panera Bread that night and wasn't hungry at all. We did some shopping after the fill and went to Jungle Jim's later in the afternoon. Stocked up on all the important stuff...cheese for me, hot sauce and beer for the hubby. We had some friends from Celina pop in to see us that were attending a grad party in our town. We don't get a chance to see them very often so it was nice to visit. Lisa kind of hinted that she would like to see the rest of the house, but quite frankly I didn't clean the whole thing friday night and was up at 6am that morning so our bedroom and bathroom was not very clean. So I didn't offer to show her around.

By Sunday, I could eat solids fine. I spoke with my sister last night and she is having a bit of trouble with the sliming and has vomited a couple of times. But she says she knows she's been eating too fast and that's what is causing it. I hope that's all it is.

Sunday, I went to visit my folks for awhile and fixed their computer. Dad had spent the last 2 days visiting 17 cemetaries with the Legion members placing flags beside their graves and was pooped. Most of the Legion members are from WWII or the Korean War in our area and are getting up in years. So it's quite a chore for them. The rest of the day was ours to spend being lazy, watching a movie, the Indy 500, etc. Monday, we took my in-laws to place flowers on the graves of their parents and step-parent. We drove to Burkettsville, Wilshire and Ohio City and then went to the truck stop on Rt 33 (whew hoo!) to have lunch. Actually, it was good - just not what where I expect to go on Memorial Day. I prayed for all the soldiers who have fought and continue to fight in order for us to have the life we do in this country. We are all truly blessed to live here.

Monday, May 18, 2009


This past week my hubby and I spent most of our time searching for the perfect hanging baskets and flowers for the house, and of course, the tomato and pepper plants for the garden. We are really so much alike...we both buy way more stuff than we really need when it comes to planting, but just can't help ourselves. I mean really, how many tomato plants do you need when only 1 person in the house eats them? 1...maybe 2? Oh no, we have 10! I go to a garden center and I feel like I have to buy every single hanging basket that I think is beautiful. Doesn't matter if they "coordinate", are sun or shade baskets, nah, I'll find a place for them. Then I start to think in late July what a dumba** I was for getting all these flowers. Every night, water, water, water. I must be a bit slow.

We had an enjoyable weekend spent with friends. 2 Graduation parties in Celina - 1 Saturday, 1 Sunday. We are able to check in with my hubby's folks to see how they were doing and spend time with our friends, which always goes way too fast.

Last Thursday afternoon, I took off work to take my Mom to Lima to get some "hair". She's had super thin hair for so long and when I mentioned my mother-in-law just purchased a hair piece, she was interested. So Thursday it was in and she had to get it cut and colored along with what's left of her hair. She does look alot better...it's just really different to see her with hair after no long. I know she'll have to get used to it herself. Dad just kept looking at her and snickering...which didn't help matters any since it was his idea in the first place. I think she looked good. But after spending a couple of long days with her this past week, I can tell she's really slowing down. I'm certainly not ready for the inevitable any time soon.

Tomorrow is kind of an anniversary of sorts, it will be my 23 year work anniversary at the company I work for. Wow, so much has changed during that time, and yet, so little. All I know is, time is starting to fly way too fast these days.

Hubby and I are headed back to West Chester on Saturday for my second fill. I can already tell it is much more loose than after the first fill. I get hungry after about 3 hours on the nose, instead of the 4 - 5 it should be. I can also eat a bit more than I should be able to eat. The nurse mentioned is usually takes 3-6 fills to get to that "sweet spot", so we'll be headed there a couple more times in the near future. I'm still loosing a little weight, but it is going slow. But in all honesty with the grad parties and going out to eat lately, I haven't been eating the best after getting all my protein in. Summer can be really difficult for me. Luckily, my husband and I both like to walk in the evening so that should help get us out of the kitchen.

We're both really looking forward to the long weekend...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First fill experience...

I've been commiserating with my sister lately about enjoying the hell out of my "honeymoon" week...the week I get of solid food before my first fill. Hubby and I went out to dinner several times and to be honest, all the food I consumed wasn't exactly dietary but hey, this may be the last time for several of the items I had so I was going for it. Besides, I wasn't able to eat the same amount I could before so the scale only went up 1 1/2 lbs since my post op.

Saturday was the first fill in my lap band. One of the women there said I had a "small" band, whatever size that means. After speaking with the nurse about any questions I had, the volume of food I could consume, what to do in terms of proteins, exercise, amount of food I should be able to eat after the correct amount of saline is in the band, she went to work.
I really didn't have much anxiety about getting the first fill...granted I don't much care for needles, but I really hate being fat even more. I had to lay down on the table and try to raise my feet without bending my knees so she could feel my port. Then she put in 2 1/2 cc's into the band and had me sit up and drink some water. It really is like a pin prick and goes so fast - less than 5 seconds. When I tried to drink water though, it felt like it was just sitting at the base of my throat and wouldn't go down. Then it would kind of gurgle a little. Odd feeling, kind of like when you drink a carbonated beverage and you have an air bubble in your throat that just sits there for a bit. Anyway, she said I was most likely a little too full and then went in and withdrew 1/2 cc. That was much better! Had to drink a Dixie cup full of water, then I was off. I'm officially restricted!
The rest of the day I drank water and ate soup for dinner, then a little cottage cheese in the evening since I needed a shot of protein. On Mother's Day, one of the booster clubs at the local high school had chicken dinners for takeout, so that was what we had at my brother's house. I was able to eat the chicken - no problem! Even though it was a little dry, I just really chewed the heck out of it. Even had a small slice of ice cream cake - Yeah! So far - I haven't had one thing that has given me a problem. Right now, I can eat about 5 1/4 ounces of food and then I'm full. Full isn't really stuffed to the gills full, it's just the feeling like if I eat another bite, I'm going to re-live it. I'm thinking I really like this band!
I have another fill scheduled for May 23rd, which probably won't be much at all if I had to guess. The nurse mentioned it can take 3-6 fills before you hit your sweet spot of losing 1 1/2 to 2 lbs per week. Heck, I lost 5 lbs from Saturday to Monday! Makes you wish you could lose at that rate every 2 days - heck I'd be in good shape by the end of the summer!
Didn't get to go to Ribfest on Saturday, we didn't get back from West Chester/Fairfield until after 9pm. It's such a nice area with alot of neat shops that even my hubby likes to go to. So we made a day of it. Too many graduation parties this weekend anyway.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting better...

Things seems to be better this week. My father-in-law was released from the hospital on Saturday after a week. He's so much better than when he went in. Apparently, at this point they are just going to treat the symptoms as they occur. My dad goes for an endoscopy Friday and I'm hoping for the best. My sister is worried it might be something serious...the nurse in her tends to bring out her paranoia at times. I took the day off friday so I can take him...mom doesn't see too well in the dark, and frankly, her driving skills leave much to be desired. Ever since I was 16, it didn't matter if it was her car or mine, it is always assumed when it's just the 2 of us, I'm driving. Period. I need my sanity. In the afternoon, I'm taking mom to find a hairpiece or wig or something to cover that fluff on her head called hair. Gold star for me on Friday.

This weekend should be interesting if the weather holds out. Thursday night it's a Dayton Dragons game (never been to one) with friends. Saturday, I get my first fill...then it's off to the Ribfest hopefully. Not that I'll be able to eat...but the bands scheduled to play are great and we should see quite a few people we know there. Never know what the weekends may hold. A little flower planting, weed pulling, stray cat feeding, hanging out with the hubby. Normal stuff...the good stuff. Never forget that.