Monday, May 18, 2009


This past week my hubby and I spent most of our time searching for the perfect hanging baskets and flowers for the house, and of course, the tomato and pepper plants for the garden. We are really so much alike...we both buy way more stuff than we really need when it comes to planting, but just can't help ourselves. I mean really, how many tomato plants do you need when only 1 person in the house eats them? 1...maybe 2? Oh no, we have 10! I go to a garden center and I feel like I have to buy every single hanging basket that I think is beautiful. Doesn't matter if they "coordinate", are sun or shade baskets, nah, I'll find a place for them. Then I start to think in late July what a dumba** I was for getting all these flowers. Every night, water, water, water. I must be a bit slow.

We had an enjoyable weekend spent with friends. 2 Graduation parties in Celina - 1 Saturday, 1 Sunday. We are able to check in with my hubby's folks to see how they were doing and spend time with our friends, which always goes way too fast.

Last Thursday afternoon, I took off work to take my Mom to Lima to get some "hair". She's had super thin hair for so long and when I mentioned my mother-in-law just purchased a hair piece, she was interested. So Thursday it was in and she had to get it cut and colored along with what's left of her hair. She does look alot's just really different to see her with hair after no long. I know she'll have to get used to it herself. Dad just kept looking at her and snickering...which didn't help matters any since it was his idea in the first place. I think she looked good. But after spending a couple of long days with her this past week, I can tell she's really slowing down. I'm certainly not ready for the inevitable any time soon.

Tomorrow is kind of an anniversary of sorts, it will be my 23 year work anniversary at the company I work for. Wow, so much has changed during that time, and yet, so little. All I know is, time is starting to fly way too fast these days.

Hubby and I are headed back to West Chester on Saturday for my second fill. I can already tell it is much more loose than after the first fill. I get hungry after about 3 hours on the nose, instead of the 4 - 5 it should be. I can also eat a bit more than I should be able to eat. The nurse mentioned is usually takes 3-6 fills to get to that "sweet spot", so we'll be headed there a couple more times in the near future. I'm still loosing a little weight, but it is going slow. But in all honesty with the grad parties and going out to eat lately, I haven't been eating the best after getting all my protein in. Summer can be really difficult for me. Luckily, my husband and I both like to walk in the evening so that should help get us out of the kitchen.

We're both really looking forward to the long weekend...

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