Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20th

Already Monday.....ugh. Seemed like no weekend at all. Friday night I went to the Grand Opening of the nearest Social Security office to support my sister-in-law, even though I wasn't feeling very well. Hubby said he would rather have a rectal exam than go, so I went right after work. He had a checkup anyway and would have been rushing to get back, so it was for the best. Saturday, Mom and I went to see my cousin, Jayne, in Carmel IN. She looked really good even though she said she had a tough week. She still has 4 1/4 months to go in chemo treatment, then when her white blood cell count is back up, she will have bypass.

Mom mostly talked to Jayne and I mostly spoke with her husband, which was fine, he is great and very intelligent, but not in a "I know everything" kind of way. I could tell when we verged on politics we weren't going to see eye to eye so I tried to stay away from the subject. We looked at wedding pics, both hers and mine. My hubby and I got married in 2005 and I still haven't ordered any enlargements...all I have are proofs. I guess when you get married in your early 40's it doesn't seem as important to have your wedding pic plastered on the wall. Jayne's been married since 1983. We were in each other's weddings and shared some great memories. My wedding was the only one she was ever in since she went off and spent 6 years in the Navy after high school when most of her friends were getting married. Even though she grew up in Michigan and I in Ohio, we really tried to remain close when we were growing up. She is truly such a wonderful person. It's really difficult to see her having to go through this and really it is just beginning for her.

My hubby went to his Mom & Dad's to plant potatoes, onions, etc. on Saturday with his brother and then went visiting friends for most of the day. We live about 30 miles from his hometown of Celina and we go there almost every weekend, sometimes multiple times, to visit. That's where most of this family lives and our really close friends. So during the week, it's pretty much just us and our cat. We live such a sheltered life during the week...we both work and live in the same town and really don't venture too far during the week.

I have to say the best days are the ones that are the least planned. Once in awhile we'll go to Celina, visit his folks, check on some friends and find nobody really has any plans that day and then all of the sudden all 4 couples are sitting in a local watering hole trying all the new beers out and then cooking out, or going to a restaurant or sitting by a fire and before you know it, it's about 1 am and we've been gone all day (with every intention of being home by 2pm). Love those days...

Yesterday the highlight of our day was driving down to Englewood and going to the massive Kroger's to see what different things we can find. Not too much fun when you're still on the mushies but a cool place none the less. I've had such a fierce pain in my left shoulder this weekend and really nursed the heating pad. Chewed on Gas-X and Motrin to try and take the edge off, but damn it can really throb. Short of standing on my head for a few days, I'm not sure what else I can do to get that gas out of my shoulder. The area around my port is still really tender and the steristrips are starting to peel away. I'm just tired of not feeling that great. Sorry....kind of grumpy.

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