Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lazy Sunday...

Hubby and I are relaxing today, just doing laundry, maintenance on the hot tub, reading the papers, TV, catching up with my sis, watching Y&R...all the mundane things that help keep life on an even keel.

Friday night was fun, Paul Thorn was great (as always). Saturday night, spent some time with friends at their house, them eating chili while we watched the Final 4 games of March Madness. Go Michigan State! Wow, did I say that? Some die-hard Buckeyes hate all things Michigan, but hey, General Mills ain't General Motors, and Michigan State ain't UM. Like their coach, intense, well respected. You go Izzo!

Sis called me today...feeling much better! The band seems to be a little tight in the morning for her. She can only sip, and she says jello absolutely fills her up. I told her about the Unjury powder, so it sounds like she might try it. It's a life saver for me!

I feel like I'm in the final stretch. I continue to lose little by little, so the doc should be happy with me on that front. And if you don't count the small bits of chicken in cream of chicken soup as cheating, I haven't cheated at all on the liquid diet.

This week should fly by. The person that works with me is off on vacation tomorrow and quite possibly Tuesday, so doing 2 jobs keeps me way too busy, but the time goes fast and I won't be able to even think about my stomach, so it will be good.

Sis and I are dreaming of the day when we can power shop together for some "fun" clothes. Seems like we've both been wearing clothes that our Mom would wear for years. Time to wear something more fun and feel good about it. We are both so ready to shine! Her son will be getting married, most likely sometime this fall or winter, so there is alot to look forward to.

I've told a few close friends I'm having the surgery. They understand. I'm so much happier when I feel like I look like everybody else and blend in. You know how when you go to a wedding and everybody's dancing, but you don't want to because you think 'I don't want everybody looking at me, or don't want all the blubber to be moving around long after you stopped moving'. Some situations I would rather do without. And frankly, I'm getting to the point where I'd rather dance. Motivation is not an issue for me at this point. I'm there. Just want to get the operation over with and move on. Next!

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