Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hump day

Ahhh, the joy that the work week is half over. This week has creeped by way too slowly, probably because I still have that nagging pain under my "cap" of my shoulder (you can tell I'm not in the medical field I'll bet). The place where I "think" my port is, I say that because I can't feel it, is more sore than the rest, but definitely bearable. I'm still getting up 2 hours early for work to get the heating pad on my shoulder and warm up a little bit since I'm a little more sore and stiff in the mornings, but I feel pretty good considering. I've lost all my post-surgery weight so I know the swelling is subsiding. Yesterday, I had heartburn so bad during the latter part of the day and I don't know why. I didn't really eat much yesterday, but the gas and the chest pain were irritating to say the least.

Can't wait til Friday when I can finally have some "mushies". I told hubby that I'm going to have a couple of spoonfuls of mashed potatoes since that is what sounds so good right now. Getting pretty tired of the protein shakes and soup. I have to pick up a few groceries tonight so I'll enjoy getting a few new different things.

I lined up a massage tomorrow night on my shoulders to try and give that gas a little help finding it's way out. Saturday, I'm hoping my mom and I will be able to see my cousin in Indiana and see how she is getting along. I have to call her today and see if that works into her schedule.

Hubby and his brother are going to be putting out their mom's garden Saturday so it will be a good day to go if it works out.

The doc told me that he will do my first fill in 4 weeks which puts it at the first week of May. I'm not sure what to expect even though I've been reading the forums like crazy. Sounds like it is different for everyone.

Sis and I have alot of good things to look forward to. Her son is getting married this fall, and my goddaughter just got engaged this past weekend and is getting married sometime next spring. Both her and her hubby are going on a fishing trip with us this summer at a cabin in Wisconsin. Should be fun. Last year, we spent a week in Maine and LOVED it! What a trip! But can't do that every was an expensive vacation, but well worth it!

Better scoot, lots to do today...

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