Sunday, January 3, 2010

The New Year - and to get "back to normal"

I hope for everyone that 2010 is even better for you than 2009. I've been a "lurker" lately instead of a "poster" due to the miniscule snippets of time I find to see how my ladies and gents are doing. The holidays were wonderful...with lots of family, friends and food. I've been staying the same weight-wise for about 3 weeks, gaining and losing 3 lbs and finally getting a tweak in my fill level yesterday to take me to an even 8.0 on the 10.0 cc richter scale. It's been 5 months since my last fill and it held rather well. Officially, Kristina - my lovely fellow-banded fill nurse - said my down 71. something lbs since April. So I feel really good about that and really about the band. I mean, let's face it, when you love to bake and your hubby is a foodie and the holidays seem to center around food and get togethers, it is way too easy to put on the annual 10 holiday lbs from Thanksgiving to New Years. However, this year I'm down from Thanksgiving about 5 lbs even with all the "samples" and out and out snack attacks.

The best thing I love about the band? I don't beat myself up anymore if I gain 3 lbs because I know I will get it off when I go back into my weekly routine. I can eat 1-2 cookies instead of 12, and the urge I used to have try everything and quickly before everything is picked over is gone. I love that.

For the past 3 weeks my port area has been sore...not all the time, just when I twist a certain way, exercise my stomach muscles, or move positions in bed. I mentioned this to Kristina and also let her know about my bouts with constipation. She seemed to agree that the tenderness is due to, well, that. I always feel so good when I walk out of there. She is an inspiration and is a real knockout as a mere size 2. I can tell you the band did one heck of a job on her!

Hubby and I went to the "Y" today to work out since it is really cold and windy here today. Yesterday after my fill appointment I bought a Wii Fit (and the Wii) since I heard so many people really enjoy it. I'm about halfway getting it set up today. Too many distractions.

Sis is doing really well with her band and my SIL has lost 32 lbs in 2 months since her surgery. 2010 should be the year we hopefully all get to, our really close, to our goal. About 28 lbs to go for me. I'm shrinking right back into 6 year old jeans right now and am thrilled. And of course buying a few new things here and there.

As far as resolutions? I didn't make any absolute ones because they usually don't last. However, generally I would say to be more active, eat more healthy and be happy with what I have accomplished.

Thanks to everyone for being an inspiration and a fellow journeyman. I love this band!

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