Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

Well, I'm watching my beloved Brett Favre get the sh*t beat out of him and thinking it doesn't look good for the Vikings. I was really rooting for the "old" guy! I mean, how can you not like Favre? Good looking, rugged, tough beyond comprehension, extremely competitive and good family guy that just loves to play football. I've just got to root for a guy like that. And then as I write this, he just tied it up 28 all with a touchdown. I still have my fingers crossed.

Well yesterday I had my slight unfill. The doc said I had a mild dilation due to being too tight after my barium swallow. So instead of the .2 unfill I thought he would do, he just did a .1 cc unfill. And so far (I know it's only been 1 night), but no reflux! I still took my Pepcid last night and tonight just in case, but so far, so good. Yes!

I also decided to give myself a little treat yesterday. I told my DH that my appointment would take an hour...I just didn't tell him why. Well let's just say that I've noticed for the last 2 years especially, that my complexion has been changing rapidly. The lines are getting deeper, my frown lines always seem to make me look like I'm irritated and my skin seems to be not responsive to any kind of new moisturizer, serum, etc. So, out of curiousity and pure vanity, I got my first Botox treatment. I had no idea what to expect!

Well, the actual treatment only takes about 10 minutes or so. I think the doc put 5 injections in my forehead, 2 between my eyebrows and 2 around each eye. I can't tell much difference yet, because the doc said it can take up to 2 weeks to get the full effect. So, I guess we'll see. I didn't hurt as much as I thought it would...although there were about 2 injections that I know I moved slightly, a little more than a bee sting. So, I survived and am anxiously awaiting the results. I don't know if I'll do it again. But let's just say if it looks natural and gets rid of my scowl, at least I might continue to get the "between the eyebrow" thing done. Just that would make me feel alot better. So, yes...pure vanity I know. I guess I would just like to look as good as I've been feeling these days! I'll try to post a pic in 2 weeks on the progress and you all let me know what you think.

After my appointment, we did our usual shopping extravaganza. My DH is a strip mall shopper as well as a foodie. He's a TJ Maxx fan, me not so much, but I did find a couple of fine guage sweaters that I can wear into the Spring. On our way back through Dayton, we stopped at Steinmart where I found several tanks to go under my new sweaters and alone. Quite a few mediums which is always great! And then lastly, we headed down to Dorothy Lane Market. Which is just about the best upscale 3-location mini-chain that I've ever known. They have the absolute best produce, meat case, desserts to die for, and well heck I haven't found anything that I didn't like there honestly! I got a piece of strawberry shortcake for DH and I to share and we picked up some of their homemade soup and cheese spreads to take home.

I've never minded the 75 miles trip down to the doc's office because it means DH and I get to spend the day together doing whatever we want. We usually make a whole day of it and it's always nice to reconnect after a long week of work.

This week is our annual year-end audit, so it will be great to get that out of the way, and then I need to finish up the Manufacturer's Survey from our wonderful Dept. of Commerce that almost seems to ask exactly how many times have you farted and did they stink. Can't wait til this week is over so I can turn my focus on other things.

It is now overtime in the Vikings/Saints game, so I'm hoping the Vikings pull it out. Go old man!


  1. First, let me say that as a Diehard Saints fan living in Who Dat Nation, it felt good to see Farve on the ground (even though we do honestly like him). Secondly, I will be interested to see how your botox works out. I have never done it :)

  2. p.s. Brett lived very close to us, his family are beautiful down to earth people. He went to my granddaughters high school. We love him as well :)

  3. Thanks Dee. My sister lives in Wisconsin and was always a Packer Backer, but you know you just have to root for the good guy. Best of luck to the Saints in the Super Bowl!