Friday, January 29, 2010

micro Plateau...

I've been the same weight, no let me correct myself, I actually gained a lb and then lost it, in the past 9 days. Usually I understand it because I seem to only lose a significant amount of weight 2 weeks out of the month. I mean, how can you lose 4 1/2 lbs in 5 days and then not lose any for 9? Not to mention my DH and I went to the Y every night this week and I did my 30-35 minutes on the elliptical and 20-25 minutes on the strength machines. The only things that are thanking me right now are my thighs and my glutes. And they really don't look any different. Plateaus, or even mini-ones, tend to get me side tracked by not seeing any progress. Logically, I know the scale will start moving again, but I've always been someone who like immediate gratification (that hasn't gone away). So, I'm gritting my teeth through the weekend and will have to be even more conscientious about watching my food choices. I really want to get into that long dress by Valentine's Day!

I tend to be like Catherine55 and weigh myself right away every morning. I figure it's my most consistent number of the day. And I do the little happy dance when I get a new number of the scale to light up. Haven't had many happy dances lately...

On the Botox front, after 6 days, there is a definite improvement! My parentheses between my eyes are almost completely gone and the main wrinkle on my forehead is just barely noticeable. We'll see how another week goes. I have to say after the first couple of days I was pretty skeptical about what it would do for me, but I'm pleasantly surprised so far. The only part I'm not sure about is around the eyes, if I get it done again, I may just let that part go. I can't tell alot of difference. So far, only my sister knows I had it done....and you all of course.

Not much up for the weekend. I have to work tomorrow morning, and then DH and I are going to church with his parents and out to eat. And I imagine we'll probably catch up with a few friends after since we'll be in town. It supposed to be so cold this weekend we'll probably just curl up on the couch and make some soup on Sunday. Hope the weekend is good for all of safe my friends.

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