Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hubby, girlfriends and family...

Well the past 2 weeks have been eventful at least. Hubby went to see the cardiologist and scheduled him for a heart cath the same week. The doc ended up keeping him overnight in the hospital since he probed a vessel of one of his arteries pretty thoroughly. Apparently, he has a branch off an artery that is getting squeezed between 2 chambers of his heart with every heartbeat, not completely shutting off flow, but definitely narrowing. At this time, he changed his meds and is going to treat it with medication to keep his heart rate and blood pressure low. A few days after the heart cath, his pulse and bp were even higher, so back to the cardiologist for another change in meds. He was off work for a week and missed his fishing trip to Canada with friends and his brother. Wasn't very happy about that. But he wouldn't let me cancel my girls getaway over it. He went back to his family doc this past week when his counts were still elevated and she upped his meds, but seriously it hasn't helped much. Sounds like another change in meds is in his future.

My girlfriends and I went to Columbus for a 2-day getaway on Thursday and Friday. We lined up a package of a hotel room and massage and pedicure for 4 near the Polaris mall and had a wonderful time! For 3 of us, we were virgins at pedicures. And dear Michelle had never had a massage either, so she was a little nervous. But all in all, a wonderful time. Went to dinner Thursday night and my niece and her friend also met us since she lives near Dublin/Upper Arlington. On Friday, we went shopping and got home around dinner time. We all talked like this may have to be an annual event. It certainly was much needed after the last couple of weeks.

Saturday we went to visit hubby's folks and had pizza at Bud's with my folks. Afterwards, we dropped by some friends to see if they wanted to go to Brucken's for a drink. Didn't have to twist their arm much. But we were home by 10:30 pm, so it wasn't a late night by any means.

Today, I decided to make a Sour Cream Peach Pie for my dad....who loves peach pie and custard-type pies so I figured it to be a no-brainer. It is actually quite good if I say so myself.

Chatted with my sister on Facebook this afternoon for a little while and caught up on some family stuff. Lots of drama going to these days with job losses and new babies and job-realignments.

Our little village is getting ready for it's annual festival in a few weeks and I've got alot to keep track of this year, so I'm getting my feet wet trying to learn the ropes. So far, not too bad. We'll see how that weekend goes. It raises alot of money for the local parish and always has a great turnout. Should be an interesting weekend.

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