Monday, August 31, 2009


My band and I have come to an understanding lately. If I choose to eat too fast, it will stick a ball in my gut and tell me NO MORE OR ELSE! Then I have to wait until I belch (quietly) or my throat gurgles enough to let some air out, or beat on my chest like an ape. If I didn't catch the signal in time, then I'm miserable for 5-10 minutes spitting into the sink feeling like whatever I just ate is coming back to haunt me. If I treat it well, it stays pretty quiet and we get along fine. It sure doesn't like it when I'm in a hurry or stressed. And it doesn't like cold beverages. It will tighten up like a pouting child and remind me to slow down.

The rules of a banded life: treated it kind of like your partner. Be patient, kind, work with it, be adaptable, and respectful. For a little aggravation, you get a priceless return on your investment - the gift of better health!

The nurse at the weight loss center likens the gurgling to the sounds of Chewbacca. It is quite embarassing to be talking to someone and you emit the noise of an alien. I guess not everyone experiences this, but those of us that do, it's hard to disguise.

I have to go to a conference in a couple of weeks and I am dreading having to sit in seminar after seminar for 3 days emitting strange noises. I'll have to time my beverages and meals a little better during that time to avoid the problem.

Otherwise, the process is going pretty smoothly. I can lose 3-4 lbs in one week and then not lose a lb the next, but overall it's progessing. I cleaned out my closets over the weekend and hubby and I took 6 garbage bags plus 2 more bags full of clothes to the local FISH store (sort of like a Catholic Goodwill). Now I need some new going out clothes.

And the cycle continues...

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