Monday, August 10, 2009

E/R yet again...

Hubby still not feeling well...last Thursday he wanted to go BACK to the emergency room for chest pain, nausea, radiating left arm pain, jaw numbness/tingling. They kept him for about 3 hours and then sent him home. Nothing is showing up. Friday he had his follow-up with the family doc for the last time he went to the E/R. She spent about 50 minutes with him and won't rule out a heart problem. I like her. She has only seen him a few times since we transferred him over to her a few months ago. She's an internal medicine specialist and very thorough and seems to listen very well. She doesn't seem to get frustrated that the issue hasn't been found, but says that since he hasn't been feeling well, we may be missing something and ordered more tests. She also referred him to a different cardiologist that he is to meet with today.

As far as the lap band goes, I got my fourth fill about 10 days ago and WHAM! I now know what restriction feels like! Wow! It really forces you to slow down eating and it really cut down my portion size for sure. Interestingly, since my visit I've actually lost 6 lbs! The weight is melting off and even though I've had a few uncomfortable moments when eating too fast, I think things are going rather well. Saturday night, we went to Red Lobster for some seafood and I made the mistake of ordering a Raspberry Lemonade and started to eat a cheddar bay biscuit (just the crusty part, not the doughy inside). Cold liquids are always harder for me to get down since my fill and with the bread - well let's just say I felt quite rough for about 25 minutes. Once things settled down I was able to eat a couple of shrimp and a small lobster tail and some crabmeat, but very slowly and swallow itty bitty pieces at a time. Mental note - no more bread until the END of the meal and No liquid period!

This past weekend we took it pretty easy and stayed close to home. Friday night, hubby went up to the ball diamond to watch the tournament and some of my old friends from high school were up there - so - I walked up there and we caught up on alot of happenings. It was great to see them. It had been since Christmas time since I had seen either of them and they noticed I had lost quite a bit of weight and asked what I was doing. So, I ended up telling them I had surgery. I can't say I've publicized it, but I don't want to lie about it either. Even though they like to talk and it will probably migrate among our friends, I don't want them thinking I'm ashamed of having it done. I guess I look at it like, I have a problem, I'm working on fixing the problem and this is a step in the process that will help me resolve the problem. The one friend is a nurse and she knows more about it than the other friend, but both were supportive and did not judge my decision, so that was nice. They both know my struggles with weight and they both have had their ups and downs too, so they can relate.

I'm taking a late lunch to go with hubby today to his appointment and meet his new cardiologist. We're hoping he can shed some light on what the issue may be. I really hate to think this is something he has to live with. He's only 48 and this has been going on now 5 years. It really affects how much he wants to do and although he tries to keep upbeat, it's really hard when you just don't feel well. He's such a wonderful person - I just wish he would be free from his pain and be able to enjoy life the way it should be.

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