Friday, February 18, 2011

Getting wrapped up...

No - not by my hubby, just with "stuff" going on in the family, work and such. Hubby's Dad was put in the nursing home after a week hospital stay last week and it is just so difficult seeing him go downhill. They are keeping him pretty medicated at this point so he has been able to get some sleep. He's hoping to get strong enough to get out, and we all hope for that too, but in reality he is probably there to stay. It's been really tough on the family trying to figure out some sort of visit schedule so someone is there to see him everyday. Hubby has been going 2-3 times/week since he has sisters and a brother out of town right now. And taking care of his Mom to make sure she's alright.

I bought hubby and iPad for Valentine's Day to introduce him into the world of computing. First he wanted a computer, then he didn't, then maybe, then no. I thought the best way for him to learn would be something like an iPad that he could just touch and not use a mouse. He made his first purchase on eBay last night and I can tell he's already going to like surfing....just no porn honey.

Saturday night our plans fell apart for a birthday dinner out since several people were sick so hubby and I went to Kent's in Troy for a Valentine's dinner. What a wonderful meal! Filet fondue, crabcakes, pasta, and some amazingly sinful dessert. It turned out to be a great evening. We had an hour to kill before our reservation and that gave me enough time to shop for a couple of skirts. One is a size 6! Wow! That was a first! I was doing the happy-dance in the dressing room. Of course I've been trying to whittle off the lbs I gained from over the weekend to be able to wear it this summer.

I bought a beautiful dress from for my nephew's wedding and tried it on last night and I ended up a bit disappointed. It kind of looked like the dress was wearing me instead of the other way around. Hubby said it looked sort of like a bridesmaid dress and I had to agree. Pretty, but maybe a bit too much. You know if you have to wear a dress with a full Spanx underneath it just kind of takes the fun out of wearing it, doesn't it?

I booked a trip to the Twin Cities next month to attend the bridal shower and sis and I are kind of making it a mini-shopping excursion. Probably hit the Mall of America, Southdale Mall and a couple of others. I love Minneapolis/St. Paul. I love it more in the summer, but mid-March should be a bit more mild. It will be a good time to spend a few quality days with my sister. We don't get to spend nearly enough time together.

I've mentioned in the past that I don't really have trouble with my band. I had gone about 9 months without pb'ing or sliming....that is until yesterday. Dried pineapple is not my friend. And now I remember how much I hate being stuck. I just chatted with my sister about maybe getting a titch of a fill since my 2 years is almost up and I'll have to start paying for office visits. Now with that episode...NO WAY! I'm just fine thank you. I guess I was just feeling like working my ass of 5-6 days a week at the "Y" and counting calories just to stay where I am was getting more and more difficult to do. Maybe it's the time of year that's bothering me. It's been an unusually difficult winter here in Ohio this year. We had about 3 1/2 inches of ice on our driveway a week ago, following by 2 inches of packed snow. After temps close to the 60's the past few days, most of it is gone...but alot of snow this year and bitter cold. Bugs me more now that alot of my "insulation" is gone. Dad broke his leg right above the ankle falling on the ice last week and is in a "boot cast" for 6 weeks and hobbling around with a walker. Didn't want to listen to his kids when they told him to stay inside when it was icy. His neighbor broke 2 ribs the same day slipping on his front steps...the same thing Dad did. But they seem to be getting along fine. My Dad is an ice cream nut, so I dropped off a few pints of Graeter's to cheer him up. I think he's enjoying the attention.

Hope all of you are doing well on your journey. I'm going to talk to my surgeon about being a mentor to someone who is getting banded or recently banded. I'm trying to think of some ways that I can help others along the way. Pay it back, so to speak. There have been so many inspirational people/bloggers that I've admired on their journey and I just feel like I want to do more than blog to help people. If any of you have suggestions, feel free to comment.

Have a blessed weekend and always keep your goal in mind!

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