Sunday, August 1, 2010

Put in Bay...a drinker's paradise!

Hubby and I went with 2 of my friends from high school and their husbands to Put in Bay over the weekend. If you like drinking and fishing...this is the place for you. Lots of entertainment, both musical and from the crowds. We tried to do our best to party like the young'ins, but for some reason I still think we came up short.

My hubby, Bubba, decided to get his load on Friday night and ended up back at the bed and breakfast by 10:15 pm. Seriously - can you be more of a lightweight honey? I myself do not drink very much at all anymore since I'm normally the designated driver. But it was my chance to pickle my liver this weekend so I tried to take full advantage.

Saturday Bubba didn't make it out of the room until we went to dinner around 7 pm, but I sure as heck wasn't going to ruin my short weekend sitting there watching a 19" tv, so off we went in search of some fun in the sun and found it as you can see. I sure as hell wouldn't have went to one of these places at 300 lbs. So it was nice to be able to feel just as one of the "old farts" at the part instead of old and fat. Bubba missed it. There was plenty of oogling to be done from all of us. I don't think I stopped smiling the whole time we were there.
Luckily, both Friday night and Saturday afternoon I got a pretty good buzz on, but knew my limits. I do have to say the 20 minute power nap before dinner was a bit unsettling, sort of like being on the ocean on a life raft, but necessary and totally helped me last the rest of the night.
It was great to catch up with friends I don't get to see very often even though they live close by. This was the first couples trip we ever took and it went well. I hated it that Bubba couldn't join us most of the day on Saturday and hope they didn't feel like he was dissing them. But I know he was sick since the remnants were in the sink yet on Saturday morning. Ewwwww! Long gross story, won't go into details, but he was SICK!
We went to visit his folks on the way home and also stopped in to see mine to thank them for checking on the cat. Dad mentioned to me that my newly married godchild is going thru some tough times starting out her marriage. Apparently, her new mother-in-law somehow convinced her son to delay putting $7,000 they saved for wedding expenses into the bank and she ended up paying her back taxes with it, all the while my niece was writing out checks to pay for wedding expenses. And then she had the nerve to say, "oh well, you're young, you'll get over it". Wow. That is just wrong on so many levels. And to top it off, his Dad left the morning of the wedding to go back home (out of state) because his car was acting up and he didn't want to have to pay for a tux. Didn't go to his only son's wedding. I'm sure there is alot more to the story but geez. I was so upset for my niece to be having to deal with all of this as her marriage is just beginning.
I sure hope they are able to put this behind them. I know it will take alot for her to have a good relationship with her in laws at this point. It's just too sad for words. I have never even had to question or have ever given a thought to the trust I have put into my in laws and family, and so inconceivable to me that something like this could ever happen (to me). So, I'm sure my niece pretty much felt the same way from everything she has ever said to me about his family. I just pray this will be resolved peacefully and without too much animosity. Not a great way to start your life together.
On the weight front, I'm going to stay off the scale for a few days with all the liquor and gluttony over the weekend. I need my routine back, so I'm actually looking forward to Monday!


  1. Ahhh routine...I am looking forward to it too! and so is the scale!

  2. I always give it a day or two after vacation for the same reason, no sense getting all worked up over a temporary water gain :)

  3. Jo!!! I cannot believe you posted about Put-In-Bay! We are in the midst of planning a trip there....RIGHT NOW!!! I told Band Groupie about it yesterday and walla--before I knew it--she sent me the link to this post!
    DH is in Port Clinton on business right now (as he is in OH most of the time) and texted me with some quick notes about places to stay. What B&B did you stay at? He wants to stay in Port Clinton and take the ferry over. He's been talking about a winery/gourmet restaurant --Mon Ami--that he wants me to experience. Oh and BTW--we aren't fishers. But, we definitely love to party....
    Your pictures have me very excited!!!
    Any insider info and advice for our trip would be great!
    Like you---I would have never considered this kind of trip 115 pounds ago.
    As for your DH's "illness".....he has my empathy. Been there...done that. Not fun!
    So glad you enjoyed yourself!!
    Yes, stay off the scale!!