Friday, August 13, 2010

Are YOU feeling hot???

Okay....I need a break. This hot humid weather can go away and bring some fresh air back here. It's hard to breathe out there in this crap. Hubby likes to go biking in the evening and then we stop by the track and walk a few laps, but twice this week I told him to knock yourself out cowboy, I'm going to the "Y". At least I can sweat because I worked one up, not because I'm existing. I'm simply not like Drazil....I do not look "hot" when I sweat, I look like I melted. And once that happens, only a blissful shower sets things right again.

So, last week I hit goal....actually got down to 149.5 at one point. Saturday we met with some friends and biked 23 miles on the Piqua bike trails. Hubby says he has only a 15 mile ass. Me...only 10 mile knees. Saturday night I paid for it. I woke up several times with my knee just aching. So much for feeling like I was half ass in shape. We went faster than Bubba and I normally do, and I was in my highest gear most of the time. And towards the end of the ride we had to go up the widow maker (the highest hill on the trail). 10 feet from the top, I had to bail. Nothing left in the tank. If I had a tail I would have stuck it between my legs, but I trudged up to the others, got a drink, and finished the last 4 miles. The scale rewarded me Monday morning by reading 154.5. I'm thinking of getting a new one.

So this week it's been back on the straight and narrow, logging my food choices, working out religiously and writing down my weight. Maintenance is going to show me what I'm made of....not the process of losing the weight. I'm so glad Bubba is there for me to nudge me when I really feel like being a slug. We keep each other honest when it comes to exercising.

Bubba has something planned for tomorrow he won't tell me about. But I have to be ready at 4 pm and dress "smart casual". mmmm....those are words that don't normally come out of this mouth, so I'm thinking it's more than just the two of us. And the fact that he isn't wearing shorts or jeans tell me it's something special. I've got a birthday coming up so I guess that's the reason for all the secrecy.

Next weekend 6 of us "girls" are doing a spa weekend in Columbus. Our first was last year and a great one, so we added 2 more people and it's a day of pampering and then dinner and going to see a new band Bubba and I saw at Put-in-Bay a couple of weeks ago. Here is the really weird part. Bubba and I really liked their music. At one of their breaks, the female singer came over to us and chatted and gave us their show dates for the next few months. Since we have plans to be in the Columbus area a couple of times coming up, I checked out their website and lo and behold, the girl grew up like 3 miles from where we live. And to top it off, I know her mom. We belonged to the same photography club about 15 years ago. Talk about small world.

Bubba is up at the ball diamond tonight and his friend from way back stopped by unexpectedly. He's never been to our house before so we chatted and I walked him over to where Bubba was so they could hang out. So it's just me and my laundry basket this evening. Okay and maybe a glass of wine. I'm toasting to Judi....congrats girlfriend~!

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