Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting the focus back...

After two weeks of eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted and totally ignoring actually having a lapband, I've finally clamped down this week and am trying to get to goal. My little escapade rewarded me with 3 extra lbs. So Monday, cause you know Mondays are the biggest "diet" day of the week, was my day to get started. I want to blame my total lack of judgment on my oven crapping out and still not working, but hey, it's the summer. When you've got a grill, stovetop, microwave, 6 you really NEED an oven? So far the scale has rewarded me with 4 lbs lost this week. But we'll see how the weekend fares.

Hubby hasn't been feeling well lately. Several trips to the doctor and an ER visit and they are still trying to figure out what is wrong with him. Either he is a hypochondriac or the docs are still scratching their heads on this one. He has a family history of HBP, and some musculoskeletal issues, severe acid reflux and the like and generally has been feeling like crap for the past 3 weeks. The problem is, I don't know how to help him and the frustration is starting to kick in. I also feel some guilt because I sometimes think he doesn't always help himself where his food choices are concerned and if he's serious about trying to get this under control, he needs to follow what the doctors tell him.

On top of that, my migraines have been flaring up the last week. Hell I didn't get 1 ounce of sleep last night, even after taking my meds for it. Last weekend was a bit freaky when I instantly got a headache behind my one eye (my usual spot) and when I went to the bathroom I notice that I had a broken blood vessel in my eye. Of course it was like 11 pm on a Saturday night when it happened, so I checked online and it sounded like it isn't that uncommon, so I let it go. Scary though.

Hubby and I are staying home this weekend, or that's the plan. It feels like we've been running around so much on the weekends that by Sunday night we've totally missed relaxing and enjoying the time off work. Need a break from the go-go-go.

Hope you all have a great weekend and do something fun (for me!).

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