Tuesday, April 20, 2010

White pants...

Well a couple of days ago I wanted to return the jeans I bought at Kohls that were just too long, so naturally I looked over the racks while I was in there. Since I'm in new territory with the weight loss, none of my previous clothes that I had kept fit that great anymore, so I thought I should get myself some new crop pants. And yes, there in the rack tucked away past all the blue jeans, twills, and cargo pants, were a small section of white crop pants. And they had a 12...do I dare?

Well, along with the dozen or so other pairs I tucked the white crop pants under my arm and headed for the dressing room. I found several pair that were worthy of gracing my new bottom before I tried the white pair on. Finally, the last pair to go, and there they were...mocking me. Really, do you think your ass is going to look any better in these than before? Luckily I had enough confidence in myself after several successful pairs to go ahead and try them on. And viola! They fit! Not only do they fit, but they actually don't make my butt look like it should have a yield sign on it! So, I am the new proud owner of white crop pants. The first pair of white pants/shorts/crops since like...high school?

Major NSV. Major. Now I need a tan. Former pear shapes unite!

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  1. Ha ha! I just did a white pants post the other day too!