Friday, March 26, 2010

Sis in town...

Well my banded sis came home Wednesday night for a week. So...yesterday I took the day off work and we spent the WHOLE day shopping! Left at 8:30 am, drove to Cincinnati to Kenwood Towne Center, then the Cincinnati Premium Outlets, then back up to Dayton for a few more stops. Other than the weather, the trip was great! I went to get some crops pants for the spring/summer, and came home with 16 shirts and a pair of jeans instead. But hey, the shirts are cute. Pretty much got rained on the whole afternoon at the Outlet center...why oh why do they think everyone wants to be outside no matter what the weather in Ohio? By the time we made it north to Troy, the rain had turned to snow, and by the time I dropped my sis off at the parents, they had an inch on the ground and it was accumulating on the roads. By this morning, tons of ice on the road and really treacherous! Luckily, I only work about 1 1/2 miles from my home so it's not a big deal, but wow what a difference in the weather. Wednesday night hubby and I walked outside with barely a jacket on. Even yesterday morning when we started out, neither one of us wore a coat or even a light jacket.

The "cyst" - or mini me as my sister fondly would call it, still hurts and I'm so hoping the surgeon doesn't try and drain it again or that I have to have surgery. I seems to have gotten smaller, but it still is uncomfortable. I'll try not to get panicky about that and remember to take my Motrin before I go for my checkup Monday.

Fish fry tonight at the bowling alley with hubby's brother and wife and watch some basketball. On the band front, I keep bouncing around and am up 2 1/2 lbs since my lowest. Not thrilled about that, but mini-me is taking precedence right now. And I am feeling better with the slight unfill last week so I'm not going to obsess about the scale. Still lovin' the band though!

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