Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's - starting anew

DH and I had a great weekend together. Saturday we actually WENT to a movie...the first in probably 4+ years. DH would rather watch them at home. Me? I like the whole experience. He found a movie he wanted to see (that I also would see) in Dayton, so we drove down there for the day and saw Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges, had dinner, went to the mall and a few other places and then back home. Sunday, we went to Huber Heights and goofed around strip mall shopping, grabbed a bite to eat and lounged around on the couch and caught the end of the Daytona 500 - which I taped before we left and it was STILL on when we got home! Wow, what a marathon. Glad to see Junior did well - still my sentimental favorite.

I began the 5-day pouch test today. After 3 days of heavy eating and eating all the wrong foods, and eating even when I wasn't hungry, I figured it's time to go back to basics. I haven't done the liquid thing since surgery and can't say I'm looking forward to it, but since the doc said at my last visit that I had a slight dilation, it's probably wise to give the old thing a rest. Ugh! But, a good week to do it since I'm busy tonight getting our taxes done and tomorrow with support group meeting. By the time I hit the "Y" after, it will be 9pm or so and that should be easy enough to finish the day up without eating since I don't like to eat past 8 anyway.

I've never done the 5-day pouch test, but a few people from our weight loss center that have said it really helped them get back in the right frame of mind. Let's hope. I'm way too close to screw up now. This morning the scale punished me with a 2 lb weight gain since Saturday. Hopefully we'll be friends by the end of the week. I am wanting to get to my mini goal weight by the end of next week - 164. By tomorrow I'm sure I'll be hungry enough to eat wood. Lord, please give me strength on this one!


  1. Just found you blog! Looking forward to following you!