Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 3 - Pouch test

Okay...I would like to say the 2 days of liquid dieting were hell, but I can honestly say that until last night, it all went pretty well. No hunger pains until about 8:30 last night, then it was white knuckles until bedtime. Luckily, today is soft proteins. So I've had my requisite protein shake this morning, followed by 2 egg omelet and 2 oz of cottage cheese at lunch. Can't say I was really full, but not hungry either. And it did take me 25 minutes to eat it instead of 15. I had to wait about 5 minutes for the cottage cheese to go down, so I gave myself some extra time to eat. Can't tell you how good lunch was! Later on I plan on having a couple more ounces of cottage cheese and then a piece of baked tilapia tonight for dinner.

The scale rewarded me for my diligence this morning and I am officially at 166. 2 lbs from my mini-goal....16 from my ultimate goal. YES! Amazing how you can lose 3 1/2 lbs in 1 day. Must have been all the sodium in the chicken broth from the last 2 days working its way out.

I have to say that this little test has helped to put me in the right frame of mind again. Even though I have chocolate...GOOD chocolate in the house, I haven't touched it since this began. Not once.

DH and I have been working out 4-5 times a week at the "Y". Monday, we went to the one in Minster since it was closer to our tax preparer than our local one. They have totally different strengthening machines than our local "Y" and I'm still feeling the effects on my inner thighs and arms. Pretty much look like an 80 year old walking around work today.

I'm thinking by the next week I can get off these last 2 lbs for my mini-goal. It's nice to see a "new" number for a change! Plateau's stink...even if there only for a couple of weeks. I'm not a patient person when it comes to the scale. I need validation...a "gold star", for a job well done from my scale. Not the same number over and over again like someone's got their big toe on the end of it. Who doesn't like a gold star? We get so little of them these days!

We ended up not having our support group meeting last night due to the weather. I'm so very tired of snow. Oh wait, ICE. Tired of ice. Tired of feeling like I'm stuck at home, even though we've been out and about. Stueycat is even tired of it. There is only so much you can watch the birds eating out at the feeder you know!

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