Sunday, November 8, 2009

Beautiful Weekend...

What a beauty! Temps in the 60's during the day, sunny and mild. Friday night we met up with friends at my favorite pizza place, Bud's, and had fun. Then over to the Wooden Shoe for a nightcap. Yesterday, hubby and I went to Stillwater Prairie Reserve and hiked and kicked up 2 deer along the path. And today, Jerry & Michelle came down and we went to Yellow Springs/Clifton Gorge area. Had to eat the pumpkin pancakes at the Sunrise Cafe, along with a Kobe beef, goat cheese and wild mushroom omelet. Then a long, long hike along the Gorge on a beautiful early afternoon. The boys had to go back to Yellow Springs and grab a beer at Peach's Grill and watch a little bit of the Bengals game. And wouldn't you know it, walking out we are standing outside waiting for Michelle to come out and here comes Dave Chapelle driving up in his new brand new black Land Rover. You know, Comedy Central....Dave Chapelle Show? Yea that one. He has a farm in the Yellow Springs area, but we never dreamed we would ever see him there. Not that we were really looking. Just doing the hiking thing and taking in the eclectic atmosphere of Yellow Springs. So, it was pretty cool seeing him for a short moment anyway. Hate to stalk the celebs.

The scale is moving this week which is always a great thing. I have to admit the weight loss has been much easier for me than alot of people. Don't know why, but believe me I'm not complaining one bit.

Hope everyone enjoyed their wonderful weekend. There are probably so few left around here, so I'll grab everyone I can get!

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