Sunday, July 18, 2010

One great weekend...

The whole family was in for my beautiful goddaughter's wedding. Typical hot, humid, sunny July weekend. Friday night was the rehearsal with the dinner at the golf course and Saturday was the big day. It was great to see my sister's family all come in. My godson's wife is 28 weeks along and just glowing with anticipation for their first child to arrive. Her youngest is enjoying his 10 month old son, Danny, who is just a joy...rarely cries and squeals with delight. He's is growing so fast.

My youngest nephew is off to the Peace Corps in September so every moment with him these days holds that much more meaning. He is truly a wonderful kid with a great personality and a quiet ambition to help others. And Brad and his wife are doing so well and seem very happy. But this was Ashley's big day and she is the only niece on my side, so she holds that special place in our family. Ashley grew up a block away from me so I always felt pretty close to my brother's kids, seeing them as much as I did and going to most of their sporting events (the triple header basketball games were killers). She is a truly wonderful person with a bubbly and outgoing personality that really rubs off on you. And a beautiful bride to boot.

The day went way too fast, and the weekend far too short. But here are a few pictures of my amazing sister and I, a picture of the gorgeous bride and lastly a photo of 3 of the most important women in my life. I am so blessed to have them along for the ride!

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