Friday, June 26, 2009

Are your feeling Hot, Hot, Hot???

Wow...I took the convertible and drove to visit my folks last night for a bit and at 6:50 pm it was 94 degrees with no sun. Aghhhh! Mind you, I don't much care for hot/humid weather. When you're going 55 in the convertible, it's not too fact it has to be about 77 degrees outside before you can even say your comfortable with the top down. But 94 is 94 and it's HOT! Nothing like getting up and your "behind" is soaked.

Mom & Dad were pooped from spending the day at Bear Creek Farms and watching a (taste of) Branson show. Hubby lost his "cheaters" (reading glasses) in their chair last week and I wanted to pick them up and of course also see the folks.

My sister e-mailed me and said she is still getting used to her new haircut she got Wednesday. I didn't tell her I got mine whacked off too. Everybody seems to have an opinion on it. My mother, well let's just say she didn't like it longer because I'm too "old" for long hair, and now that I got it cut, "oh, it's so short". I can't win. My hair was layered down to my shoulders as I've been trying to grow it out for over a year with little success. My thin, fine, stringy hair and hot/humid weather don't mix and no amount of volumizing shampoo/rootlift/hairspray makes a difference so "off" it went. I'll admit it's pretty short, but so-o-o much better!

I was reading on about a post that posed the question "lap band vs. sleeve" with the poster wanted member's opinions on the 2 WLS surgeries. Wow did it get ugly! For all the support you can get and questions answered on the forum, the responses to that post show just how petty, mean and confrontational members can be and one of the main pitfalls of the forum. I mean, I go there for support, knowledge, to see what issues members may be having with the lap band and offer the support I can pass on to someone else. It seems like you have to be very careful how you word something lest you offend someone and/or they misunderstand you. There are a couple of "posters" that seem to have their "hairs up" about something all the time and I would just like it if they went to another forum. Most of them have had trouble with their bands and converted to bypass or sleeve and spout about all the problems the band creates. In my opinion, it is their experience and not the "norm". To antagonize people for a difference of opinion or misunderstanding is just plain rude and unnecessary. You can clarify by being respectful, you don't have to incite.

Sorry for the rant. That kind of behavior just pisses me off.

Saturday I get my fourth fill and my sister-in-law is going with me. We plan to make a day of shopping down in the area since we both like Dillards and Jungle Jim's. I was feeling okay about getting another fill until about 5-6 days ago when my band seemed to tighten up. I'm not able to eat as much and really have to eat slow the first solid food I eat of the day to "prime" my stomach for food. Last night, I woke up and tried to shift in my sleep and I had some water come back up in my mouth. It was weird to say the least, especially since I didn't have anything to drink for an hour before bed. I'm going to talk with the nurse tomorrow and go over a few things about being tighter in the morning and also the last few days and see what she thinks. If I get a fill, it won't be much I guarantee. She'll probably leave it up to me. One of the "posters" said something this week about that they were tight too with the hot/humid weather. Odd. I didn't think weather would make any difference, but apparently for some people it does. Some say the barometric pressure causes changes to the tightness of their band, or the time of the month, or stress, illness, etc. This is the first I've experienced it. I guess I'll see what she says. I just don't want to have problems, and I've been losing great the last week. We'll see...

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