Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It begins for sis...

My sister is in Day 4 of the all-liquid pre-surgery phase. I'm trying to be supportive and encourage her that the end result will be amazing. She suggested cream of chicken soup was great for in the evening...I'll have to check the caloric intake on that one and that the Lemon Italian Ice's were good also. She sounds pretty good and has a great outlook so I know she'll do just fine.

My husband has been "treating" me all week since friday is "D-day" for me with the liquid diet. As much as he enjoys cooking, I'm sure he'll be grateful for the reprieve of having to make me something special all the time since I'm such a picky eater and our tastes are totally opposite. He's "the spicier the better" and I'm "plain Jane" as far as food choices go.

One of my biggest concerns was trying to give up Diet Coke after 23 years of drinking it at work. Since my employer has well water (which by the way, STINKS like an outhouse), I've always drank Diet Coke at work, and I must admit, at home too since we too have well water (at least for the next few months). I like the fizzies, but with the lap band - a BIG no-no. I don't mind giving up beer - not much of a beer drinker anymore anyway. But, so far so good with eliminating the Diet Coke. No headaches I can't control with Exedrin and no jitters. It a change I'm willing to make since I'm not sure that much cola is all that good for you.

Trying to psych myself up for the surgery, since I had a "female" procedure done yesterday that hurt like h*ll - I'm thinking the lap band might be a piece of cake compared to that. Men can't relate. I just know if it was something a man would have to endure, they would come up with a better and less painful solution! Sorry for the gripe, it still hurts.

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